What dance do you want to learn today?

Our instructors teach over 45 different types of dance and are continuing to learn new styles and techniques. Each of these dances can be organized into four broad categories. Check out each category below for more information and a list of dances in each category.

Not sure what style you want to learn? Get in touch with one of our instructors to start a conversation about the best place to start on your journey into partnered dancing.



Whether it’s a waltz in a grand ballroom or a tango in a smoky club, ballroom dancing has an allure that has been built for centuries. These dances include the kinds of dances that you might see on Dancing with the Stars or Strictly Come Dancing and are recommended for anyone with a formal event coming up, although there is a vibrant and laid-back social ballroom dancing scene in DFW.


Street Latin

Street Latin is our term for all the partnered dances that you might find in salsa clubs or any event or location with heavy Latin American influences. These dances have been gradually gaining popularity in the United States and around the world. Show off your moves at salsa clubs, quinceañeras or any other event where you hear a Latin beat.



Ever since the beginnings of swing music in the early 20th century, people have been dancing along with a variety of fun, youthful, joyous dances to go along with that music. Through jazz and big band, into rock n’ roll, and into even modern pop songs, this style of dance continues to be popular around the world.



In honky-tonks, bars, and dance halls across the United States, you’ll find people dancing to the unique Country-Western sound. Developed from ballroom, Latin and swing dances, country-western dances are perfect for having a good time with some homegrown Texas flair.